eXtended Perl Trivia Bot for IRC
XPTB (eXtended Perl Trivia Bot) is an open-source project which aims to provide a series of trivia bots for IRC, starting with simple, basic ones to more complex and feature-rich trivia games. All the scripts created in this project are written in Perl, and run on Linux.

Completely free and open-source, licensed under the GPL, these scripts may be just what you're looking for if you are running Linux and want to create a channel for entertainment on some IRC network, like Undernet for instance. Notice that at the moment the scripts are still a work in progress, but releases should follow very soon.
  Trivi Lite 0.2.3 - Jul 24, 2009
Trivi Lite is a basic trivia script, stripped from all the features more advanced bots have. Use it when you want a simple, fast-paced game of trivia, without persistent scores, stats or teams.

- it shows two hints
- it supports a single answer from a player
- it shows time and cps (caps per second) of the answer
- commands: !TRIVIA, !VERSION, !NEXT, !DATE
- it uses the Net::IRC Perl module for handling the IRC protocol
- you can add any number of questions in the questions.txt file
- language: English
- it runs on Linux

- Linux-based OS (it might work on Windows too, but I did not test it)
- Perl 5.10.0 (older versions might work too)
- Net::IRC 0.75 Perl module (the usual package name in distributions is libnet-irc-perl)

See the two screenshots below:

Trivi Lite 0.2.3 viewed in XChat:

Trivi Lite 0.2.3 viewed in Irssi:

Also notice that this is still alpha software, so it may still be buggy. Please mail me regarding any bug reports (see the bottom of the page) or contact me at Christmas_ @ Undernet. You can also use the project page at

Have a look at the README file included in the package before using it!

Download Trivi Lite from
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Updated: Jul 24, 2009
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